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Perreca's Bakery opened in 1914 and has been run continuously by the same family for nearly 100 years. In fact, the coal-fired brick oven used to bake the famed Perreca's bread has hardly ever had time to cool down during almost a century of turning out the hard-crusted bread that has made Perreca's a destination for decades and an Upstate, New York Landmark.

Adjacent to the bakery is More Perreca's Italian Kitchen serving authentic Italian meals reminiscent of any Italian Grandma's kitchen. Using only the freshest ingredients, the best extra virgin olive oil we could find, and lots and lots of fresh garlic, everybody's Italian when they eat at Perreca's.

PLEASE NOTE:  We ship our baked goods on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS only.

"Had another amazing meal at Perreca's tonight! I always half-expect to see my grandma emerge from the kitchen because it feels so much like home... Love the baked eggplant, and of course the bread & the cupcakes ♥ ♥ ♥."
- Mellisa Tata

 "Perreca's is an old family-operated bakery, and I mean old. Over the decades it has clearly never lost its charm or its excellence. Perreca's cannot be beat."
- Frank Z. on

"Perreca's is the best bread made anywhere."
- Actor Jack Nicholson

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